7 Tips for New Sprinter Owners

If you’ve just bought a Sprinter and haven’t read through your lengthy owner’s manual, you may not know some of the tips and tricks that allow you to get the most out of your van. We’ve compiled a list of a few noteworthy things to help you understand your Sprinter.

Tip 1: Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

Driving your Sprinter with only DRL’s results in the backlighting for the heating controls and dashboard switches staying off. When these are on, you will only be able to flash your high beam. To enable the constant high beam, you must twist the stalk at the end and manually turn on your lights.

Tip 2: Shift Select

By gently bumping the shift lever from side to side, you can select the forward gears. You will know what gear is selected by looking at the gear number on the dashboard. When the van is in “Drive”, it is actually an overdrive gear ratio, so it is advised that you shift down a gear on long uphill gradients.

Tip 3: Side Mirrors

On Sprinters, the flat side mirrors have huge blind spots. It is recommended to get into the habit of checking the smaller top mirror before making any lane changes. If you don’t have the small top mirror, you should maybe consider adding stick-on blind spot mirrors.

Tip 4: Backup Alarm

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) backup alarm has a low volume feature. To toggle the noise level, move the shifter to neutral and reverse. This will toggle the noise up and down.

Tip 5: ASR/ESP

The Anti-Skid Response/Electronic Stability Program will take over the van by using braking controls if it senses your wheels sliding or if you are skidding. When this happens, the brakes will “pulse”, activating a chattering noise that may sound like a driveline component problem, but don’t worry, this is normal. These systems usually kick-in in unusual conditions such as icy roads.

Tip 6: Tire Size

It is fairly obvious that all the tires on your Sprinter need to be the same size. The previously mentioned ESP will monitor and compare the wheel speeds while the van is moving. The ESP will analyze them and determine whether they are different sizes. The computer will see that as a problem and notify you.

Tip 7: Speed Limiter

U.S. and Canadian Sprinters have speed limiters on them. Often, these limiters are set to a maximum speed of 85 mph, but usually, stock tires will max out the vans speed at 82 or 83 mph. This speed limiter can be removed by a professional.

If you are interested in adjusting your Sprinter’s stock settings or suspect there may be something wrong with your vehicle, head to Sprinter Gurus. We offer services and repairs with talented, professional technicians that will find and fix any problem.

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